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woodsy orchestra

“We followed the creature out of the clearing and down another dimly lit, green-roofed passage. My eyes adjusted quickly. The corridor was speckled with more animals, sounds and fragrant flowers than I could count. Little creatures poked their heads out and shied back into the verdant walls on either side of us, reminiscent of the spirtles in Mallo’s beard. Fast, tiny byrds hopped across the forest floor ahead. Serpents crept like vines across and above, hissing in harmony with the rest of the woodsy orchestra. Rodents skittered beside us, zigzagging in and out of our steps, making the happy pack of children burst into giggles that resonated loudly inside the living basket surrounding us. We enjoyed most of the day this way, merrily walking without tiring, even though there was a purposefulness to our step that reminded me of the unknown yet weighty mission that lay ahead.”

Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

A high fantasy fable ❤️

Click here to learn more

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