book quote, literature, Topaz

swank red laces

The rope from my treehouse dangled heavily to the ground below, as did my morale. Sliding down with my routine languor, my shoe slipped from my foot and fell, the laces entangling around a small branch. I dawdlingly dangled sideways and reached down to unhook it, calmly flipping and pulling at the swank red laces I’d purchased with a moonloop’s worth of work.


The clothes we wore needed to blend in perfectly with our function, like a uniform, varying in the amounts of blues, grays and lavenders depending on the trade one held. Life was unbearably drab, and I thirsted for any sort of relief from it all. To be daubed with any other color was bold, intrepid, and audacious, especially considering the lengths one had to go through to acquire it.”


Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

A high fantasy adventure


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