Off My Feet & Crash Kitty’s 6 month anniversary

🎉 It’s been 6 months since my twins have hit the shelves! To celebrate, I’m hosting a giveaway on Instagram. Head over there if you’d like to play! 👉🏼 @racheltremblaybooks 🤘🏼

OMF: Lone wolf coffee-slinger and accidental oneironaut Edie Stacks has her life turned upside down by reality-altering lucid dreams, and space cats!
Off My Feet is a Neverwhere-meets-Inception psychedelic chronicle of female experience where trust is learned the hard way, the hard knocks of life are explored, and love and friendship are pushed to their limits. Watch Edie make a mess of everything! Shit gets weird!
CK: About 30 years before Off My Feet. Five women share an apartment and Friday nights. Wine and creativity keep them well entertained and always on the brink of trouble. One doomful evening, an alien craft lands onto their building and brings mystifyingly charming creatures into their lives. Creatures they would never have suspected were sinister…
Boy, were they wrong!
Read the Tragicomedy that started it all!

Have a great day!! 🖤

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