Off My Feet

Lone wolf coffee-slinger and accidental oneironaut Edie Stacks turns her life upside down with her reality-altering lucid dreams. A wild story of trust, of what it means to be rich, and especially, of space invaders.

Broke and apathetic thirty-year-old coffee slinger Edie Stacks can’t sleep. The sex, the tap dancing, the sewing machines, the crying babies; her new apartment building is a zoo. The mysterious pink sleeping pill provides her coveted sleep, and more. Lucid dreams that alter reality.

Wealth, lust, and crime become hers to explore, but her confusing adventures lead her to care even less about the material world instead of more. As the line between dreaming and waking gets blurred, Edie needs to keep her head and dreamsculpt into existence the means to send back the cute but cruel furry space invaders––the masterminds behind her lifelong breakdown––if she wants to see another day and learn to love again.

A Neverwhere-meets-Inception psychedelic chronicle of female experience.

Keep your ear to the ground, it’s coming!