Off My Feet

Dark and Playful Supernatural Sci-Fi

Coming in 2019

Dark and playful magical realism sci-fi

Accidental oneiraut Edie Stacks messes up her life with her reality-altering lucid dreams. A real-time narrated story of magic, lust, horror, and space invaders.

Edie, broke and apathetic thirty-year-old coffee slinger seeks slumber through unnatural means and end up triggering lucid dreams that alter her waking life.

Shaping her world with wealth, lust, and crime, she is all the while led to the purpose of her new abilities. As the lines between dreaming and waking get blurred and life gets more and more absurd, Edie needs to use her skills to send back space invaders that threaten to wipe out the whole planet.

Keep your ear to the ground, it’s coming!