Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

A brand new edition will be available come December! A perfect month for magical reads. Stay tuned!

Topaz, free-spirited, ill-fitting heroine in an absurd, dystopian fantasy world, does the unthinkable of following her heart through the strangest of portals, revealing the truth of her destiny. But how much will she sacrifice to fulfill it? A colorful, poetic adventure about growth, authenticity and seeing things to the end.

Under the rule of the terrible Murx, where mirthlings show false kindness out of duty and live out terrifically absurd pre-ordained callings in permanent joylessness, our ill-fitting heroine Topaz trades her stifling life for the most surreal of portals, orbiglass worlds and fantastic friends, discovering her true origins and inherent powers on her path to attain the silver-peaked mountain where she believes happiness awaits her. There and back again, Topaz battles with herself as she faces the challenges of friendship, deceit and loss, until with a little magic and a lot of heart she comes to love the mirthlings she once despised, inadvertently emerging as the one destined to return balance to all the worlds.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new cover!!
And the map of Mirth found inside!

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Excerpts from the book:

red swank laces

glittering eulogies

woodsy orchestra

caught entity

the color market

are you going to keep that?

the smell of home

quaking of their gossamer

of other worlds

irregular-shaped shadows

hardened sentiments

dusk approached


what sort of brazenness?