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hello to you, too

It was a sunny morning. The cool air swooshing through the windows filled the house with the smell of blossoms and fresh- cut grass. There wasn’t anywhere she needed to be, so Carlie puttered around until she flopped into the living-room armchair with the raggedy Kerouac novel Leo had lent her. She hadn’t even flipped the first page when a knock came at the door.

Carlie grunted out of her sprawl and went to open it. It was Lucas.

“Crap,” she said.

“Hello to you, too.” He smiled, attempting to let himself in.


The Nirvana Threads, a punk and spiritual magic realism romance.


book quote, literature, The Nirvana Threads

Just a Kiss

This wasn’t love. This was icing on a cake she didn’t know the flavour to yet. She wanted this moment, this tinge of delight. Easy and careless and pain-free.

“Just a kiss,” she murmured.

The Nirvana Threads, 90’s punk & spiritual magic realism coming this summer