book quote, literature

Of Other Worlds

“The perfume of his sweet breath, the healing balm of his touch, and the radiance of his smile made all petty preoccupations dissipate like fleeting shadows. And somehow, he knew things I could not conceive of – matters of other worlds, and even things about myself.

Yes, I trusted the magical silverhorn-boy with my life.”

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book quote, literature

the smell of campfire

“The tank top pulled off in one sweep she lunged onto the unkempt bed in search for her bra. Threading it on with speed, she jumped into some faded jeans, rummaged through a drawer, and yanked out a crumpled t-shirt. She held it up; it was her black Iron Maiden one. She looked at it hard, and then smelled it. As if it could possibly still smell of campfire. The memories stormed in.”

The Nirvana Threads, coming this summer 🖤🔥

Girls – Those nights by the campfire, when you ask your girlfriend to go pee with you in the woods, do you really think a bear is going to find you or do you really just want company? The dark woods can be scary bears or no bears lol. Apparently guys do not ask the same from each other ha ha 🙃🚺🔥🐻