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little pygmy globe

“The sunlight gently lit up the orb from the inside, just as a candle is used to kindle another. He sighed with pleasure and passed me the little pygmy globe. I cupped my palms, surprised by the offering, and held it like a fragile, soft-shelled queepfluff egg. It was heavy and warm, and throbbed with a tiny pulse that vibrated gently through its crystal wall.”


Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

book quote, Topaz

the color market

“I slid rapidly down the dark burrow to the threshold of the sub-plains where the color market lay, and landing with my feet firmly on the hard ground, brushed myself off as I stood to look around the poorly lit surroundings. The color market was like a tiny village, spread wide to house workshops, vending stations, and Tintors’ homes tucked away like small caves along the hollowed veins of its circuitry. The only light came from candles and the bioluminescent chubbiness of flightless flaptoot byrds perched on the leafless branches of small, dead trees scattered about.”


Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

book quote, literature

are you going to keep that?

The branches, though creaking, seemed soft like vines, its foliage musical gemlike ornaments. Just as they were all but done lifting themselves off the ground, a thin bough-tip scooped up the wooden stump I had loathsomely discarded and, wrapping itself around it, pulled it up amidst the other elderly limbs as they returned into their erect position.

“Um, you are going to keep that?”

Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

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Dusk Approached

“Dusk approached and bid me to retire. Leaving the outskirts of the playing field, I slipped into the quaint tent appointed to me. I bounced on the sleeping mat after throwing my slingbags on it and plunged my hands into one of them. Out came the precious book. It was old and brown, its linen cover’s varnish peeling off in small flakes. I lifted it to my nose and fanned the pages. It smelled of ambriwood, a musky, dark, blue oil Seraphine wore as a fragrance. It carried me away to a distant memory of being cradled as I drifted to sleep, with grandiose images of imposing impurzels, bubbled squishy senti-babes floating over the land, and a feeling of boundless love, the kind only a pure, innocent senti-child can feel.”

Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

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