2020 writing update!

• 2 0 2 0 • W R I T I N G •

Hey! How’s it goin’? Good I hope!

Rare and twisty writing recap /update:

On the 16th it’ll be Off My Feet and Crash Kitty’s twin 6 month anniversary. (Just like with our babies we count in months at first). I published them this June! Time flies! Days slip by like (something clever) on a banana peel. Seriously, gimme something clever to put in those brackets.

I applaud those who have done #Nanowrimo this year, whether they attained their goal or not.

I did it last year, first time and last, tyvm. I had rushed to finish the first draft of a dystopian novel so I could try the “Nans” (I’m calling it that. Fuck it.) December 2019 comes, i put the Nans project aside and I start editing said dystopian. Then I received Crash Kitty from my editor. So I stopped editing and gave CK a last sweep, sent those with OMF as ARCS to my amazing sci-fi kitty team, and then decided to edit my Nans project “Dead Gretchen” instead of going back to the dystopian. Whiplash yet? Lol. And so I’ve been editing DG all 👏🏼 fekking 👏🏼 year 👏🏼. I still am, 6-7 days a week. I’m halfway through what should teeechnically be my “last” big edit.

I’m an indie author, but I’ll be querying DG. While I query, I’ll be editing the dystopian—a stranger to me now. I’m very excited. And so, I feel like my work is a pile of worms, everything overlapping and intertwining soft and swift. Where’s the tail? Where’s the head? It’s bananas and it’s also fun.

That’s my sort of cumulative writing update since November last year. If you read this far and can make sense of this mess, free hug for you!!!!

If you’re a writer of the words—How’s your writing year going? I hope it’s going good.

💋Bisous (little kisses) my friends! Thanks for being awesome 🖤