glittering eulogies

“We held hands, each silently giving our eulogies. The emotion projected from our swollen hearts was palpable, so much so that after a while, discernible strings of light, curly and drooping, were cast from us to him, creating a floating web of golden glitter. It gently fell and alit over [his] lifeless body where it melted away. Just as smoothly as that did he turn into creamy white stone – as did the spirtles, byrds, and all the critters that had snuggled up with him.”


High fantasy “Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem”


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woodsy orchestra

“We followed the creature out of the clearing and down another dimly lit, green-roofed passage. My eyes adjusted quickly. The corridor was speckled with more animals, sounds and fragrant flowers than I could count. Little creatures poked their heads out and shied back into the verdant walls on either side of us, reminiscent of the spirtles in Mallo’s beard. Fast, tiny byrds hopped across the forest floor ahead. Serpents crept like vines across and above, hissing in harmony with the rest of the woodsy orchestra. Rodents skittered beside us, zigzagging in and out of our steps, making the happy pack of children burst into giggles that resonated loudly inside the living basket surrounding us. We enjoyed most of the day this way, merrily walking without tiring, even though there was a purposefulness to our step that reminded me of the unknown yet weighty mission that lay ahead.”

Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

A high fantasy fable ❤️

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caught entity

For a short moment as I was passed from one to the other, I felt like an entity caught in the pull between what had to be the two most magnetic beings in the world.”

Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

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the color market

“I slid rapidly down the dark burrow to the threshold of the sub-plains where the color market lay, and landing with my feet firmly on the hard ground, brushed myself off as I stood to look around the poorly lit surroundings. The color market was like a tiny village, spread wide to house workshops, vending stations, and Tintors’ homes tucked away like small caves along the hollowed veins of its circuitry. The only light came from candles and the bioluminescent chubbiness of flightless flaptoot byrds perched on the leafless branches of small, dead trees scattered about.”


Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

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Just a Kiss

This wasn’t love. This was icing on a cake she didn’t know the flavour to yet. She wanted this moment, this tinge of delight. Easy and careless and pain-free.

“Just a kiss,” she murmured.

The Nirvana Threads, 90’s punk & spiritual magic realism coming this summer

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April 1994

“What she was to do with such a gift, she didn’t know. It was April 1994, and she couldn’t think further than the next gym day. She couldn’t think past Johnny’s kiss.”

The Nirvana Threads, coming this summer


Set in the 90’s when people didn’t have cell phones, smoked in bars, and punk rock was thriving. Carlie, a wild, twenty-five year old drifter moves back to her parents’ after surviving a traumatic accident. Back home, she starts seeing things she doesn’t understand, and the feelings that come with them are overwhelmingly blissful. When chasing the source of her new joy starts to pull her closer to death, she must find a way to harness this power that makes her feel so alive.

Includes the short graphic novel “Octob*tch and the WrenchKing”


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are you going to keep that?

The branches, though creaking, seemed soft like vines, its foliage musical gemlike ornaments. Just as they were all but done lifting themselves off the ground, a thin bough-tip scooped up the wooden stump I had loathsomely discarded and, wrapping itself around it, pulled it up amidst the other elderly limbs as they returned into their erect position.

“Um, you are going to keep that?”

Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem


Mirth as per Topaz’s Glossary “N & O”


Topaz: The Truth Portal & The Color Mayhem

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Of Other Worlds

“The perfume of his sweet breath, the healing balm of his touch, and the radiance of his smile made all petty preoccupations dissipate like fleeting shadows. And somehow, he knew things I could not conceive of – matters of other worlds, and even things about myself.

Yes, I trusted the magical silverhorn-boy with my life.”

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