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random idiots

“You’d think that you’d think before climbing into a car with random idiots.”

“Ya, I get it, Damien. I didn’t think. I messed up . . . again.”

The opening scene of the Nirvana Threads was inspired by my experience, once upon a time, hitchhiking in British Columbia, Canada. The driver was playing chicken on the highway with random cars from the opposite lane. I remember thinking: “this might be how I’m going to die” and clutching the side of my seat and mentally calling on God to do his will. Although I don’t outright mention it’s chicken they’re playing in the car in TNT, the picture is still painted. I hope you give it a read!!


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Have you ever been caught in a crazy situation, intentionally or accidentally, where you thought “this could be it”?

Sending mucho warm, loving vibes to you this Friday! Keep safe!


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tiny suns

“[…] the inked words. How meaningless they could have seemed a few months before, and somehow rich with parallels now. Impressions of how they related to her existence sailed her mind, passing through in waves. Like tiny suns of understanding bursting at the crest of each ripple, the longer she sat with the words, the more intense became her clarity. And then, quite suddenly, as if stepping out of a cold sea, Carlie felt wide awake, washed clean of the dirt that had been pulling her down.”

The Nirvana Threads

A magical realism book that dreams of making it to your tbr 😆🖤

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book quote, literature, The Nirvana Threads

glittery flats

“It all felt very familiar to Carlie yet so different. Like a worn-out pair of shoes that have been stashed in the closet for years, and when finally put back on feel funny because you just don’t wear glittery flats anymore. She was not the same person as when she left.“


A quote from my book The Nirvana Threads released this past June


book quote, literature, The Nirvana Threads

a ton of bricks

“The first guitar chord felt like a ton of bricks in her rib cage, vibrating from the inside, filling her completely. The bass drum kicked in, resonating up and down her body, and then it was the snare, tightening her skin with each whipping snap. In seconds, they had made her body feel alive with new vigour; only seconds, and the song was at full speed. And just as quickly the whole floor became a soup of thrashing, wriggling punks.”

The Nirvana Threads is a love story, a spiritual adventure, a nostalgic time travel to the 90s, a playful exploring of the magical.

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lasers shot from the sky

The winding road curved tightly up a hill, the trees letting through only sporadic dashes of light, like lasers shot from the sky. They turned down a lane, tire tracks the only proof of civilisation. Grass grew high all around, wild flowers higher still. The lane opened up to a small, sun-drenched lot enclosed by an infantry of trees guarding a little wooden cabin with a gable roof. Damien parked the car on a pebbled strip in the freshly mowed front yard.”


Magical Realism Romance The Nirvana Threads

book quote, literature, The Nirvana Threads

the space between them

“The space between them was narrow. The smile that lived beside her just moments before had faded. His curled fingers gouged into his thighs, crumpling the fabric of his jeans. She would have reached for them. She should have. It would have been easy to hold his hand one last time. But her body was stiff, paralysed, her eyes transfixed. The moonlit trees on the horizon, the tall grasses and sign posts beyond the window behind him, all slowed to a near stop, as did her breath and the beating of her heart. Its thudding, held in time like a dripping faucet, echoed loudly in her head. She drove her chin through the mud-thick air to face the front—ahead, where there was now nothing but light.”


The first paragraph of The Nirvana Threads


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the same messy life

Morning came. Tears had encrusted Carlie’s hair to her face. Her swollen eyelids, opening with difficulty, exposed the same messy life she had fallen asleep to. Her feet struggled out of the blanket wrapped around her limbs, off the couch and onto the cold floor. With an in-breath, she pushed herself up from the sinking cushions, the springs creaking as she rose, and dragged her bare soles with dry, swishy noises all the way to the bathroom.

“Ugh,” she said, seeing herself in the mirror. “You look like shit, Carlie Jones.”


The Nirvana Threads, a 90s punk & spiritual magical realism romance


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hello to you, too

It was a sunny morning. The cool air swooshing through the windows filled the house with the smell of blossoms and fresh- cut grass. There wasn’t anywhere she needed to be, so Carlie puttered around until she flopped into the living-room armchair with the raggedy Kerouac novel Leo had lent her. She hadn’t even flipped the first page when a knock came at the door.

Carlie grunted out of her sprawl and went to open it. It was Lucas.

“Crap,” she said.

“Hello to you, too.” He smiled, attempting to let himself in.


The Nirvana Threads, a punk and spiritual magic realism romance.


book quote, literature, The Nirvana Threads

Just a Kiss

This wasn’t love. This was icing on a cake she didn’t know the flavour to yet. She wanted this moment, this tinge of delight. Easy and careless and pain-free.

“Just a kiss,” she murmured.

The Nirvana Threads, 90’s punk & spiritual magic realism coming this summer

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April 1994

“What she was to do with such a gift, she didn’t know. It was April 1994, and she couldn’t think further than the next gym day. She couldn’t think past Johnny’s kiss.”

The Nirvana Threads, coming this summer


Set in the 90’s when people didn’t have cell phones, smoked in bars, and punk rock was thriving. Carlie, a wild, twenty-five year old drifter moves back to her parents’ after surviving a traumatic accident. Back home, she starts seeing things she doesn’t understand, and the feelings that come with them are overwhelmingly blissful. When chasing the source of her new joy starts to pull her closer to death, she must find a way to harness this power that makes her feel so alive.

Includes the short graphic novel “Octob*tch and the WrenchKing”