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no place for an angel

“I used to stare at the stars until I fell asleep, thinking she might be up there, watching. Then Pa explained that the skies are full of suns, planets, and flying rocks. That it was beautiful but no place for an angel. He said her soul was somewhere we couldn’t see with our eyes, or feel with our hands, but that she was close, close enough to hear my prayers and give me goodnight kisses.”

The Nirvana Threads, coming this summer!

I’ve been spending my days on the accompanying graphic novel and it’s so loooong. I’m in a constant roller coaster between being excited and discouraged. “Keep on swimming!” As would say Dory… 🐠


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multicoloured door girl

“She climbed the steps two by two, up the blue-lit stairway to the third floor, by which time the music was louder, though still muffled, and tempting her from just beyond another metal door. When she opened this one, the drum-and-bass rushed at her, the clear, unobstructed decibels bringing her the utmost delight.

A tall, skinny door girl wearing a multi-coloured shirt smiled her purple-coloured lips, batted her sparkly green eyelashes, and stretched out her hennaed palm. In it, Carlie placed an orange stub in exchange for a raining-cloud stamp, and then turned to face the realm that lay a few steps beyond.”


The Nirvana Threads, coming this summer

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psychopath killer

Broken glass crunched under her footsteps, and a smell of dampened wood stirred about as they made their way blindly to the back.

“You’ve been here before?” Carlie asked, holding onto his hand as he led her through.


“How is that, if you’ve just moved here?”

“I kind of like to look for these sorts of places.”

“Rotting buildings in the outskirts of town? Are you some sort of psychopath killer? Am I completely screwed?”

“Pretty much. Except for the psychopath killer part. Okay, here we go.”

He began climbing tight spiral stairs, Carlie right behind, a metallic echo ringing out from their steps.


🖤 The Nirvana Threads, a magical realism romance coming this summer 🖤

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“Can you see anything?”

img_5422Inside was pitch black. A moment went by where all she could hear was her panting, riled up with mischievousness. Then she heard another breath.
“Carlie,” he whispered. She didn’t answer. Her hands looked for him in the dark. There was the clanging of a bucket or some junk at her feet as she stepped forward.
“Shit,” she whispered.
“Ah, it is you.”
“Who else would it be?” Her hand discovered his shoulder and she pulled herself up close to him. She still couldn’t see anything.
“Can you see anything?” She asked.
“Good.” Her hands felt their way to his face. She pulled herself closer still, and backed up just enough for their noses to stop touching. They breathed each other’s breath in the blinding dark. Her heart raced, thumping loudly, and she was sure she could hear his when they finally kissed.
The Nirvana Threads
An irreverent and magical love story about passion and spirituality.
Set in the 90’s when people didn’t have cell phones, smoked in bars, and punk rock was thriving. Carlie, a wild, twenty-five year old drifter, moves back to her parents’ after surviving a traumatic accident. Back home, she starts seeing things she doesn’t understand, and the feelings that come with them are overwhelmingly blissful. When chasing the source of her new joy starts to pull her closer to death, she must find a way to harness this power that makes her feel so alive.
Will include a short graphic novel entitled Octob*tch and the WrenchKing
coming in 2018 (sign up to mailing list to be the first to know when it comes out!)