Off My Feet

ADULT SPECULATIVE FICTION / Light sci-fi, fantasy & horror, with a dab of humour

Lone wolf coffee-slinger and accidental oneironaut Edie Stacks has her life turned upside down by reality-altering lucid dreams, and space invaders!

Off My Feet is a Neverwhere-meets-Inception psychedelic chronicle of female experience where trust is learned the hard way, the hard knocks of life are explored, and love and friendship are pushed to their limits. Watch Edie make a mess of everything! Shit gets weird!

Edie is a broke but happy thirty-year-old with too many one-dollar Phil Collins records, a perfect circadian rhythm, and big trust issues. She lives on her own terms, keeping everyone at an emotional arm’s length.

Plagued with insomnolence after having relocated into a new home, strange circumstances provide her the sleep she yearns for, but also vivid dreams that meddle with her waking life.

Using her dreamscapades to create a situation that appeals to her, she realizes that she does not have the control she wants. In fact, she’s making a mess of everything.

To make matters worse, she’s adopted aliens and they have no intention of leaving.

Somehow Edie is stuck with the mission to save Earth from extraterrestrial world domination. And here she thought she was just minding her own business. Surprise!

Keep your ear to the ground, it’s coming!

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