Artist Statement:

I am a representational artist who is curious about pushing the limits of reality. Preferring to play with intangibles, my images forego explicit messages to instead trigger obtuse feelings, the significance of the artwork often left up to the appreciator to decipher.

My current palette heartthrob is black and white. The subject becomes instantly moody, emotional, and digestible, the experience with the artwork direct and unfettered by the distraction of colour. Using a classical technique and a contemporary eye, I create carefully composed images which often take a shape and direction of their own as they come to life on the wooden panel, canvas, or paper. I believe the problems we face at the easel, as in life, are opportunities to explore unexpected venues, making of art a space for irreplaceable dynamism. Ultimately, I strive to make this uniqueness felt, through light and dark themes absorbed from daily struggles and joys, with the ultimate goal of provoking thought, feeling, and transcendence from our fast-paced lives.


I undertook my first year in fine art studies at the Cégep de Matane in the Gaspésie area of Québec, Canada, where I grew up. I then moved to the west coast and studied a second year in fine arts at Okanagan University College of Kelowna in British Columbia. After dropping out and spending the next year learning to survive, I moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where I played with spray paint can control. A year later I was in Montreal, my birthplace and current residence. It was here, about 18 years ago, that I met my mentor and friend Alejandro Boim, reputed Argentinean artist and professor, who took me under his wing and with whom I drew and painted for about 6 years. I also studied with his partner at the time – the late, and beautifully talented, Mariana Semino.



For information about an artwork or for acquisitions, please message me via the website’s “inquiries” // pour information sur les oeuvres ou pour acquisition, svp m’écrire via la section “inquiries”

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I currently have a few pieces framed and on display at Campbell Picture Framing, at 4916 Sherbrooke St West in Westmount (Montreal)

Notable Exhibitions

  • D’Après\After Picasson – group exhibition @ Espace Mushagalusa – 533 Ontario Est, Montréal – curated by Cedric Taillon (2019)
  • Galerie Z – group exhibition – 420 Édifice Belgo – 372 rue Ste-Catherine O, Montréal (2017)
  • Creature Mythologies @ Nostracasa, 4035, St Ambroise #217, Montréal – curated by Summer Geraghty (2012)
  • Decover Magazine #14 – group exhibition @ soupçon cochon – 5427 St-Laurent, Montréal (2011)
  • Manager jeans “Mx Jeans” advertising campaign – group exhibition @ L’Autre Galerie – 4 St. Paul Est, Montréal (2005)

Notable Commissions

  • Four portraits for Bruce Sinclair, Métis theatre artist, teacher, student of the nēhiyawēwin (Cree) and Michif languages, and former Program Officer, Theatre, Canada Council
  • Two paintings commissioned by the Quebec Medical Association (AMQ) — for Ruth Vander-Stelt, former president of the AMQ, which was presented to her during the President’s Gala, and for Stanley Vollant, the first aboriginal surgeon in Quebec, which was presented to him during the President’s Gala along with the Prestige Award.
  • Painting commissioned by the Centre Culturel Afro Brésilien du Québec
  • Two paintings commissioned by Ruth Vander-Stelt, former president of the AMQ
  • Original art piece commissioned by Manager Jeans as part of an advertising campaign

Media Publications

  • Paintings featured in the Quebec television shows Ruptures (2016), Unité 9 (2018), and L’Heure Bleue (2021)
  • 3-page feature in Décover Magazine #14 (2011)
  • Artwork featured in Manager jeans promotional material (2005)

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